3D Guidebooks update

During Startup School I experimented with creating a new kind of guidebook for climbers.

Instead of photographing or drawing the rock faces & drawing the routes on them I attempted to create a detailed 3D model of the whole face & use that in a guidebook app.

I’m discontinuing that experiment for now but I want to document what I have learned here.

  • It is possible to get relatively good 3D models with photogrammetry BUT …
  • You absolutely need to fly the drone missions in winter on overcast days.
  • It is hard to pre-program the missions to fly with tools like Drone Deploy.
  • Getting exposure right is crucial. The easiest way is to fly on an overcast day at noon.
  • Tree foliage is a huge PITA. It covers the bottom of the rock faces, makes flying hard & messes with auto-exposure.
  • Conclusion: the only real good way to do this is to fly missions manually with manual focus, manual exposure on overcast winter days.

Winter Screenshot

Summer Screenshot

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