Podcast: On The Wall

TLDR: I am experimenting with delivering climbing exercises as a podcast.

The last couple of weeks I have been working on exercises climbers can do to improve their technique. Some of them are animated in 3D. Some are shot on video. Most of them require some kind of voice-over to explain how to do the exercise as you are watching it.

I’m at 106 exercises for the video & a couple dozen for the 3D animations. Surprise-surprise: doing voice over takes a lot of time & is kind of trial-and-error. To speed up the process I started looking at text-to-speech to speed up my experiments.

Last time I looked into text-to-speech engines was about a decade ago & I am pleasantly surprised with what a modern engine can do today. What a world of difference! It has become pretty easy to automatically add good-sounding voice-over to videos.

I’ve been mostly focussing on technical climbing exercises & it turns out that these types of exercises can be explained pretty well with audio only.

To further experiment with this I have decided to create a weekly podcast.

I’m calling it “On The Wall” because you are supposed to listen to it while climbing.

We’re starting slowly with 5 to 10 minute short exercises. The principle is simple: hit play & get on the wall. Start traversing any way you want. They key is to do low intensity moves. Make sure you don’t get out of breath.

While you are climbing listen to the podcast & do the exercises it tells you to do.

I’m starting with exercises for absolute beginners right now & very short podcasts. Only 5 to 10 minutes. As we progress I will make the podcast episodes longer so we can start exploring ARC training while listening to the podcast.

The podcast is available HERE

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