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TLDR: I’m experimenting with delivering climbing exercises as audio.

I’ve been playing around with adding voice-overs to the exercise videos & as I was doing this I started to wonder what I could do with audio only.

One type of training surprisingly few climbers know about is ARC (Aerobic Respiration and Capillary Training). It’s climbing for long stretches of time on easy ground at a level that you can essentially sustain forever.

It’s proven to work by improving your muscle-specific capillary health which helps to increase your endurance. But climbers ignore it because it’s counter-intuitive: except on the the hardest endurance climbs you just don’t run into 45-60 minutes of activity.

The thing about ARC training is that it gets boring real quick: try traversing at low intensity for 45 minutes & you’ll know what I mean. I see climbers taking some of the boredom out of ARC by plugging in and listening to music.

The content I’ve been producing for the climbing exercises has been mostly technical. Improving technique is still the number one things climbers can do to improve their climbing.

What if I combined ARC with technique training? What would that look like?

To answer that question I created a couple of long audio files explaining technical exercises to do while traversing. Turns out that is a more interesting idea than I expected.

The ARC files still need some work but I intend to include this type of training in the app and you can preview the audio content today.

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