Guesses about Climbers

As we’re going into Ycombinator’s Startup School program I’ve decided to try to answer three questions about climbers. Guesses, really. I want to figure out what drives climbers the most:

  • To meet other climbers.
  • To become a better climber.
  • To discover cool places to climb.

I have decent ideas & prototypes for all three value propositions but want to figure out what to launch first.

I have a good hunch that there’s a new generation of climber out there for whom the social aspect of meeting other climbers at the gym is actually more important than climbing performance. This means there’s potential for building some type of social app for climbers.

I also want to figure out if climbers really want to become better. Climbing is a highly technical sport & for most people it’s hard to break through grade-level plateaus they are stuck in. The thing is, I suspect lots of climbers prefer to stay stuck comfortably in a plateau & just enjoy climbing because it’s so damn fun!

Finally I think I have found a technology that is at least an order of magnitude increase in quality for creating climbing topo guides. It’s a significantly better way to discover places to climb. I’m really excited about that opportunity but it’s a big journey to embark on so I want to check if it creates enough actual value for climbers before actually going for it.

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