Ycombinator Startup School 2018

I’m pretty excited to announce that ClimbChat has been accepted into Ycombinator’s MOOC called Startup School (SUS18). This is not a first for me as a previous incarnation of this app called FitChat was accepted in 2017 too (SUS17).

SUS is an online coaching program by Ycombinator that lasts 10 weeks. Like last year we’ll get mentoring by Ycombinator alumni, submit weekly progress reports & try to launch something by the end of the 10 weeks.

After I participated in 2017 it became clear that the idea of a coaching app for all sports was just too generic & ambitious for a small team. Also, I found it hard to motivate on an industry (fitness) which I feel is deeply flawed.

So I’m happy to niche down for the 2017 edition & try to build a coaching app for climbers. Climbing is the one thing I have been fascinated with since I was a teenager & I think this well help me to stay motivated.

Startup School is a pretty intensive and elite program, so I’m happy to be in and stoked to give it my all.

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