Pivoting FitChat to ClimbChat

Last year I spent a good amount of time working on FitChat, a fitness coaching app. The idea was to give fitness coaches the tools to work with their clients via chat.

We wanted to allow client & coach to exchange vitals like weight, workout exercises, training schedules, etc … in a private & convenient way using the familiar chat interface they already know.

We participated in Ycombinator’s Startup School (SUS17) but it soon became apparent that I’m not as motivated as I initially thought to work in the fitness & insurance space.

Being naturally lean and athletic I had a hard time wrapping my head around the most common reason why people want to do fitness: to get in shape and look good. Those are fine & noble goals, but that’s just not what drives me to exercise.

Around the same time I started bouldering seriously again & discovered I’m far more driven by climbing than by fitness. So I’m pivoting FitChat to ClimbChat. Simply niche down on a sport I know well.

I’m still a strong believer in what we were trying to do with FitChat. Applied to the niche of climbing this means: help people become better climbers, meet other climbers & discover new places to climb.

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