I’ve been building apps in the fitness space for a long time. You can find more info about these previous efforts here. I keep coming back to this one idea: coaching can be done well remotely via chat. And coaches can use mobile technology to improve the performance of their clients.

Why ClimbChat?

I’ve been a climber for most of my life. I keep coming back to it. It brings me peace. It gives me purpose. I just like climbing. All of it.

Why? Because it’s hard. Because it takes skill. And a love for simplicity. Every move needs to be just right. Every breath conscious. Every fear tamed. And if you fall, it’s all on you. You get to own your mistakes.

But when it all comes together it feels amazing. Time and space disappears. You reach a state of flow. It’s just you, the rock & the next move. You get to feel what perfection is like. And that is rare.

This state of flow. It’s a special experience. Lived in beautiful places. Wild places. Remote places. Places to cherish.

This experience. It is often shared. With special people. Like-minded people. People who took it. And turned it into a lifestyle.

It’s a healthy lifestyle. For yourself. One that is good for body & soul. It’s a good lifestyle. For the world. Built on experiences, not consumption. Built on grit, not complacency. Built on taking risks, not avoiding them. A lifestyle more people should share.

Sharing these experiences. That’s why I keep coming back to climbing. That’s why I am building this.

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